Corporate Events

Kia 2015

KIA utilized the open floor plan of SIR Stage37 to showcase several of their newest vehicles.

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Shutterstock held an in-house computer based competition showcasing some of the finest computer design by current employees.

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Scripps Newfront

The Scripps networks presented the upcoming season’s programming, including online content.

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SIR Stage37 was transformed into an intimate 200-person presentation room for Spotify’s May 20th, 2015 press Conference.

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SIR Stage37 was transformed into a basketball arena for Fightball.

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Victorinox – INOX Watch Release

The unveiling of the I.N.O.X watch to the general public by Enigma took place at SIR Stage37. The Victorinox watch was designed to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand.

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Food Fete

Press and bloggers from all over gathered at SIR Stage37 to see the newest product in the food industry.

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Motorola held a giant release of their newest innovation at SIR Stage37.

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Sharp Product Launch

Press event for 40 to introduce newest and largest flat screen TV to market.

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Rubicon Project Summit 2013

At its annual gathering the internet marketing group reviewed the latest industry innovations with a large gathering of like-minded professionals. High tech.

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